Alpha ESS Battery Storage Systems


Alpha SMILE B3 solar battery storage system

Established in 2012, Alpha specialises in advanced battery storage products and intelligent energy management solutions for residential and commercial customers.

With years of experience in both the clean energy and battery industries, the Alpha ESS team helps families and businesses reduce their electricity costs and achieve energy independence through their own power generation, storage, and optimisation.

Alpha ESS products have spread to more than 50 countries through our partners, benefitting thousands of customers.

“Your Smart Energy” is our vision. Alpha ESS is pursuing an ambitious goal of building an “energy internet,” where everyone can produce their own clean energy and lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Electrical Energy can provide secure, sustainable and affordable energy through the use of eco-friendly renewable energy systems and battery storage. We are passionate about reducing carbon emissions and achieving a clean, sophisticated and adaptable energy economy.

We want to enhance the use and predictability of renewable energy generation, utilize the use of low carbon energy technologies and support the grid. This combination will not only save on energy costs but may also generate revenues.