Luxpower Hybrid Inverter

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lux power hybrid inverter

Luxpower Hybrid Inverter

Lux Power have introduced new levels of performance, efficiency and power for the battery storage market.

Lux power have developed market leading solutions using rechargeable batteries which are predominantly Lithium ion battery solutions to work with existing solar system or retrofit solar systems to harvest all the redundant power and store the electricity to be reused in the home.

Electrical Energy supply and install Luxpower Solar PV Battery Storge Systems Preston, Blackpool, Lancaster, Carlisle and throughout Lancashire and Cumbria.

Lux power solutions include on grid battery storage for single phase hybrid battery storage, AC battery storage solutions and soon 3 phase battery storage solutions. All the systems are also developed for off grid battery storage solutions as well as emergency power back up. This means that the Lux Power systems are prepared for use in the event of power cuts.

Hybrid solar systems use a hybrid inverter and rechargeable lithium ion batteries to form a hybrid solar system. No other inverter is required on the solar system. These systems are ideal for new solar installations as well as a retrofit solar inverter where the original inverter may be replaced by a hybrid inverter creating a hybrid solar system.

Lux power are market leaders in the functionality of the energy monitoring system used to monitor the Lux Hybrid inverters, and the Lux AC battery storage solutions. This monitoring platform is very simple to set up, and is compatible with Android and Iphone devices as well as PC or tablet set ups.

Lux Power are now developing 3 phase battery storage solutions for all larger scale installations from light commercial battery storage, commercial battery storage solutions and even remote off Grid 3 phase battery storage solutions.

Importantly this communication allow REMOTE ACCESS to all Lux devices meaning that remote upgrades can be carried out to support the units as technology advances over the years. No need for expensive site visits for simple upgrades.


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