Smart Export Guarantee

The smart export guarantee (SEG) is an obligation set by the government for licensed electricity suppliers to offer a tariff and make payment to small-scale low-carbon generators for electricity exported to the National Grid,

The SEG came into force on the 1st January 2020.

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Solar PV Systems

It doesn't matter what we do as a consumer, Energy prices are inevitably going up year on year. Therefore making it more difficult to keep our monthly spend to a minimum.

By having Solar PV installed you are creating more sustainable ways of living, and protecting the environment for our future generations.

  • Generate FREE Electricity & slash your bills
  • Store your Solar Energy with Battery Storage to use at night
  • Secondly charge your Solar Battery from the grid, and save 70% on your standard tariff! click here
  • Control your future
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • Increase your property value

Battery Storage Solutions

GivEnergy Solar PV Battery Storage Systems

GivEnergy has solar battery storage solutions ranging from 2.8kWh to 2.8MWh, they offer solutions from the small home system through to multi MWh for industry. They can design, build and commission any size of system any where in the world.

GivEnergy work with specialised industry leaders to develop the latest in new hardware and software.

Electrical Energy are certified installers of GivEnergy solar battery storage systems in Lancashire and Cumbria.

There is also new energy tariffs available to the consumer, with over a 50% saving on some Economy 7 Tariffs. Making solar battery storage a sustainable resource all year round!

Get in touch for more information, or to book your FREE survey.

Call us on: 0800 195 7812 or 01772 439036

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Battery Storage Explained

GivEnergy Battery Storage Systems

Daytime Mode

The inverter will divert solar PV generated power into the home to assist the demand. If the PV generation is higher than the demand, the excess will be stored in the battery and / or exported to the grid.

If the demand in the home spikes ( for example switching on a kettle ) and the PV generation isn't enough on its own to meet this demand the battery will discharge to assist the PV so that very little energy is imported from the grid.

GivEnergy Battery Storage explained section one

Emergency Back Up Mode

Our GivEnergy battery storage systems can be installed so that if you suffer a loss of power to the home the system will automatically switch over to power your lighting and other essential circuits.

Evening Mode

When the solar PV system is not generating due to insufficient light levels the system is monitor the demand and discharge the battery at the required level to minimise imported energy and to reduce demand on the grid at peak times.

GivEnergy battery storage systems can be set to recharge at cheap off peak rate energy ( Economy 7 mode ), to be used at peak times. This is extremely useful in winter when there isn't as much solar PV production.

GivEnergy Battery Storage explained section two

Demand Side Response

There is an option in the GivEnergy monitoring software to allow remote data collection / analytics. This gives vital information to utility providers and can allow a high level of indication as to when demand will occur.

The system can also be operated remotely via wireless communication and can allow network operators access to balance the community loads at peak times and replace at off peak times, without any user intervention.



Solar PV Battery storage lets you make full use of the energy that your Solar Panel system makes by storing it. Hence making sure that your stored energy is ready to use when you really need it.

Battery storage works with any Solar Panel system, GivEnergy Solar PV Battery Storage SystemsGivEnergy Solar PV Battery Storage Systemseither retro-fitted to a current system or fitted as part of a new set up. In short, Solar Battery storage goes a long way towards living the 'Grid Free' dream.

To put it briefly, you can store the solar power that your system provides and use it after sunset. Therefore not having to use the grid power from your provider. Battery Storage is even better and cheaper if you have solar and are out for most of the day.

Firstly, 'Electrical Energy' design and fit Solar PV Battery Storage Systems. Our expert installers have been doing this for over 10 years.

Secondly, in addition to this we provide a Solar Panel and Battery Storage maintenance, repair and upgrade service to existing systems.

'Electrical Energy' are a local Solar PV installation company and have bases in Preston and Blackpool in Lancashire. We operate across the whole of Lancashire and Cumbria.




New or Retrofit Solar PV Battery Storage Systems

Why choose 'Electrical Energy'? Because we only use the most upto date Solar equipment when installing Solar PV and Battery Storage systems. Furthermore we supply and install high quality home and business Solar Battery Storage Systems from trusted manufacturers.

Electrical Energy also provide a full Solar PV (Solar Panel) upgrade, maintenance and repair service.

Approved installers of GivEnergy, Tesla Powerwall, LG Solar, Lux Power, SolarEdge, SolaX, SoFar Solar and Pylontech systems.

Furthermore Electrical Energy also provide a full Solar PV (Solar Panel) maintenance and repair service.

In fact, with our ethical approach you can rest assured that above all you will only get the best that there is. Call us on: 0800 195 7812 or 01772 439036

Solar Technologies
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Solar Battery Storage





Peter & Anne

“We were very pleased with all the information provided, so decided to add battery storage to our Solar. The installers were polite and professional, left everywhere spotless and did a great job. Highly Recommended"

Peter & Anne Preston, Lancashire

“Pleasantly surprised as I had a bad experience with the original company who installed my panels who are no longer trading. However the guys identified the issues, and as a result my system seems to be working great!”

John Penrith, Cumbria
Gordon & Patricia

We had checks on our system before and found some representatives very pushy and not experienced enough! Therefore after talking with Andy we felt more at ease and above all, very happy with our new system with value for money too”

Gordon & Patricia Lancaster
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